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A Collection of Resources for BibTeX and Bibliography Management

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BibTeX is a widely used tool for managing bibliographic references in LaTeX documents. It allows researchers, scholars, and students to organize and format references efficiently. This article will look at several useful BibTeX and bibliography management resources. Whether new to BibTeX or looking for advanced tips and techniques, these resources will provide valuable insights and guidance.

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BibTeX for the Romanian Language - M. Muresan

This resource focuses on utilizing BibTeX for managing references in the context of the Romanian language. It offers specific guidance and examples tailored to Romanian researchers.

Using BibTeX to Automatically Generate Labeled Data for Citation Field Extraction - Dung Ngoc Thai

Explore how BibTeX can be employed to automate the generation of labeled data for citation field extraction. This resource discusses the practical applications and benefits of this approach.

The TTC 2019 Live Case: BibTeX to DocBook - A. García-Domínguez

This resource showcases the use of BibTeX in a real-world case study involving the transformation of BibTeX files to DocBook format. Learn about the challenges faced and the solutions employed.

Bibliography Management with BibTeX

Gain a comprehensive understanding of bibliography management using BibTeX. Although authored by no specific individuals, this resource offers practical insights and best practices.

Chapter 8: TEX, LATEX, and BIBTEX

Discover Chapter 8 of a publication that delves into the concepts and usage of TEX, LaTeX, and BibTeX. While the authors are not mentioned, this resource provides valuable information for understanding these technologies.

History of Communication Research Bibliography BibTeX library - J. Pooley

elve into the history of communication research bibliography with a specific focus on BibTeX library. J. Pooley presents an extensive collection of references related to this field.

Mendeley: Import Referensi BibTex, RIS, Endnote XML dan Zotero - Muhammad Azmi

Learn how to import references in BibTeX, RIS, Endnote XML, and Zotero formats into Mendeley, a popular reference management software. Muhammad Azmi provides a step-by-step guide for seamless reference import.

How to Use the IEEEtran BibTeX Style - M. Shell

This resource focuses on using the IEEEtran BibTeX style for citations in LaTeX documents. M. Shell explains the usage and benefits of this style, which is commonly used in IEEE publications.

Biblioguías UCM: ORCID: Mediante ficheros BibTex - Servicio de Información y Apoyo a la Docencia e Investigación

Explore the integration of BibTeX files with ORCID, a unique identifier for researchers. This resource, provided by the Servicio de Información y Apoyo a la Docencia e Investigación, offers guidance on managing references through BibTeX files and ORCID.

Research Guides: Quick Introduction to LaTeX: BibTeX - Lilly E. Linden

Get a quick introduction to LaTeX and BibTeX through this research guide authored by Lilly E. Linden. It provides beginners with a concise overview of using BibTeX in conjunction with LaTeX for reference management.

By exploring these resources, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of BibTeX and its applications in bibliography management. Whether you need to format references in a specific language, automate data extraction, transform files, or integrate with other tools, these resources will serve as valuable references on your academic or research journey.