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BibTeX Entry types

BibTeX is a popular bibliographic reference management tool used in the field of computer science and other technical disciplines. It is used to store and manage bibliographic references, such as books, articles, and conference papers, in a structured format. This format can then be used to automatically generate bibliographies in various document formats.

BibTeX has several types of entries, each with its own set of fields, to represent different types of publications. Here is a comprehensive list of all BibTeX types and their fields:

📄️ misc

There are a variety of entry types in BibTeX, and sometimes you will come across a source that doesn't quite match any of the predefined types. In these cases, you can use the misc type. This type is for anything that doesn't fit into one of the other categories. This could be pieces of music or lecture slides, but mostly it is to cite web pages. These unsupported source types are created with workaround fields from note and howpublished. If you frequently cite source types not supported by BibTex, you should look at BibLaTex, which offers a superset in terms of fields and types.

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